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Introducing Celeb.
Celeb is 10-years old and lives in Brisbane with his family. A close family that have recently faced challenge and heartbreak following a difficult diagnosis.

Celeb has always been a sweet, carefree child, happy and affectionate. But in early 2022, he started to develop symptoms of concern. After a visit to his doctor, life changed overnight for this family, Celeb diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour.
With little medical intervention available, Celeb was registered as a participant in a medical trial at Brisbane Children's Hospital with the hope of shrinking the tumour and saving Celeb's life.

The trial medications and regime are intense, placing Celebs body under enormous pressure. So to lift spirits, the family would often speak with Celeb's about his wish-list and all the joyful things that they hope to share together in the future as a family. At the top of Celeb's list was a visit to Taronga Zoo.

This wish, and many others, were recently realised with the incredible support of our partners at Bankstown Sports Club... your assistance helped briefly stop time for this family, allowing them to spend time together and create powerful, positive memories.

"Words can not express what this weekend meant to our family, or how grateful we are to those that made it all possible. The joy that this
experience brought to our family is so precious, and at this time, desperately needed. Thank you."

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