Hits of the Bee Gees, Beatles and Beach Boys

The 3Bs Show brings to life the music legends of The Bee Gees, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. 

Selling millions upon millions of records worldwide between them, they kept their fingers on the musical pulse of generations, and have remained unmatched musical phenomenon’s. Their songs exist as creations in their own right, enhanced by the memories surrounding the time when we first heard them. Their songs are so much a part of us, and we are so much a part of what the songs have become, that their songs have stood the test of time.

The 3Bs relive the memories of The Bee Gees from their first hit ‘Spicks and Specks’, through the mesmerizing melodies of ‘Words’ and ‘I started a joke’, the brilliant harmonies of ‘Run to me’ to the 70s dance music of ‘Stayin Alive’ and ‘You should be dancing’.

The 3Bs all live show combines the musical and vocal talents of Ron Gaydon, Steve Stanley, Stephen Marquis and Brett Slade. Harmonies, timeless music and costumes create an enjoyable and memorable show that has warmed the hearts of many audiences. The 3Bs show has performed in hundreds of venues since 2003 and has established itself as one of the premier bands on the Sydney club circuit. Dance is an important part of the show, and audiences have plenty of opportunity to enjoy dancing to some of the best songs of all

time. Ron Gaydon on guitar and vocals has performed live in many bands, and had a recording and writing contract

with Festival Records. Ron sites one of his career highlights as an appearance on Countdown, and supporting bands like Split Ends and Richard Clapton. Steve Stanley adds his vocal and talented keyboard abilities to the 3Bs with passion. Ron and Steve both love the music of these bands and had for a long time looked forward

to the opportunity to present this show, which became a reality in 2003.

The 3Bs Tribute Show is full of memories, fun and dance




10.30AM Doors Open

11AM Showtime


The Theatre, Bankstown Sports

8 Greenfield Parade,
Bankstown NSW 2200


ALL: $15

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