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Bankstown Sports was buzzing with anticipation last night as members arrived early, eagerly hoping to be the lucky new owner of a BMW 118i.

Prior to the final draw night, we had secured 9 finalist positions over 9 weeks, and had a remaining three finalists spots to give away. Members began arriving from 4pm to swipe their membership cards for one last chance to share in the prizes on offer.  

Our 9 finalists also arrived early, keen to ensure they registered their presence to stake their claim! All 9 presented well before 7PM. This meant that the 3 remaining finalist spots would be drawn at 7PM, 7:30PM & 8PM.

At 7PM the barrel containing 3 hours worth of tickets was spun and Finalist 10 was selected. K.Yeung’s ticket was drawn out, and he quickly paced through the Rainforest Lounge in under 4 minutes to claim his place in the final box selection. Long term member of Bankstown Sports, he was delighted to take up the spot on the main stage.

The Rainforest Lounge was still a buzz, with everyone contemplating, waiting to see if they would be taking up their place in the final draw. In the mean time tickets kept dropping and the barrel kept being spun. 

Finalist 11 was called at 7:30PM. We were looking for J.Villaroman. Almost instantly a beaming member emerged from the crowd in the Rainforest Lounge, claiming the 2nd last finalist position.

Lucky final Finalist 12 was V.Georgas – who was so thrilled to have made the final cut at 8PM. Affectionally known as Bill, he stated he’d never won anything in 35 years and was elated to have won a spot in the final box selection.

Then with all 12 finalists drawn, it was time to select numbers.

D.Mihaljevic was the first finalist to select her box, as she was the finalist winner from week 1 of the ‘What’s in the Box?’ promotion. She selected box number 12 and couldn’t wait to find out what was in the box!

Next Y.Wiyladi, finalist from week 2. She emerged from the crowd and quietly selected box number 7.

Week 6 winner C.Werner was so confident in her selection as she shouted out number 3, and X.Nguyen picked number 10 based on his birthday month.

And on went the remaining selections until all 12 boxes were allocated. Finalists then took position on the main stage in the Rainforest Lounge, behind their selected box. Boxes were then opened individually, in numerical order.

What’s in the Box?!

1, 2, 3… cash kept coming out… 5, 6, 7 & 8 – more cash! Everyone was thrilled by their win of money, but suspense was building as we waited to see what was in each box, and to find out which finalist would be driving home in the BMW 118i.

9 & 10 – more cash! Then it was down to the last boxes – 11 & 12. What’s in the Box?!

J.Villaroman had box number 11. As finalist number 11, he’d only been selected on the night.

D.Mihaljevic had box number 12. As the finalist from the first week – she’d been lucky right from the start and was keen to drive home in a new car!

Box number 11 had the BMW 118i! J.Villaroman was ecstatic as he lifted the lid of his box to reveal the gold prize card that announced his prize. $3,000 cash – the highest cash prize – was stashed away in box number 12, meaning D. Mihaljevic did not go home empty handed.

J.Villaroman was so happy to share the fantastic moment with his wife, who eagerly watched on in the Rainforest Lounge, filming the win on her phone. What had started as a relatively normal night out for the pair, had now turned into such a memorable moment. The winner will be replacing a 2000 model car, so was well due for an upgrade!

Congratulations to all finalists – who were all prize winners in the Bankstown Sports ‘What’s in the Box?’ Promotion.  

Mystery Briefcase commences from Friday 10th August, with the first finalist to be selected next Thursday night, 16 August. You can start swiping from 9AM AEST 10/8/18 for your chance to become a finalist in the Mystery Briefcase Final Draw, to be held on Thursday 18 October 2018 – where a BMW X1 sDrive18i and a share of $16,000 cash is guaranteed to be given away.  


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