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By Kelly Sheehan | 4 Jul 2018 |

The Greenlight Movement learn to drive mentor program supports at risk young people aged between 16-24 years who do not have the opportunity to learn from a parent, guardian or responsible adult to support them to achieve their 120 hours of supervised driving.

As part of the 2016/2017 ClubGRANTS year, the Bankstown Sports board approved over $6,600 to support The Greenlight Movement facilitate driver education workshops and purchase ‘Fatal Vision Impairments Goggles’. In previous years, Bankstown Sports has also provided funding to purchase a branded gazebo and install a second brake on the driver’s side of their car.

The workshops, titled Greenlight Movement Driver Readiness programme, were delivered to a selection of Canterbury / Bankstown high schools, youth services and youth accommodation providers. The workshops are broken down in 5 key areas to provide participants with the knowledge to make informed decisions, including:

• How to budget effectively for a car
• Safe driving practices
• The effects of prescription, illicit drugs and alcohol have on one’s ability to drive
• Responsible road use
• Practical exercises such as how to change a tire

A highlight of the workshops has been the drug and alcohol education component due to the accredited alcohol and marijuana impairment goggles that simulate the effects of drugs and alcohol on a driver’s vision.

The Greenlight Movement caseworker, Alleric Mitchell, says the support of Bankstown Sports has allowed them to thrive.

“The Greenlight Movement Driver Readiness workshops were only achievable due to the generous support from Bankstown Sports Club. This enabled Greenlight to redesign the workshops, promote and facilitate them and to purchase an educational kit of driver impairment goggles and activity programmes to deliver to young people.”

The Greenlight Movement uses their branded gazebo a promotional tool for advertising services whilst attending outreach events.

During the 2017 Youth Festival, a young man, Said approached The Greenlight Movement gazebo to
enquired about gaining his NSW P’s licence. He and his family had recently arrived in Australia from Syria and Said was eager to get a driver’s licence to expand his job opportunities and assist with family transportation.

With support from Greenlight Movement, Said received several professional driving lessons and was partnered with a volunteer mentor who acted as the responsible adult to supervise him with the mandatory 120 hours of logged driving hours that are required prior to taking the NSW provisional licence practical test.

Alleric Mitchell says that Said showed great commitment to the programme and went on to achieve his Red P Plates.

“During the 12 months of Said’s involvement in the Greenlight Movement programme, he showed great enthusiasm towards his lessons and getting his licence. By the end of accruing his 120 hours of supervised driving in the provided Greenlight manual car, he was ready to get his manual NSW provisional licence. After passing his test, Said was very thankful for the support and assistance Greenlight gave, and he now looks forward to applying for work where a manual licence will be an additional work ready skill.”

The Greenlight Movement Learner Driver programme relies heavily on the generous support and dedication from its volunteer mentors, who act as the responsible adult to supervise the young person in the provided Greenlight Movement manual car.

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