The Axeman is back

By Emma Duxbury | 5 Apr 2017 |

There’s plenty happening at Bankstown Sports this Easter long weekend and one of the highlights will be the wood chopping show on Sunday, 16 April, featuring World Champion axeman David Foster.

David has been woodchopping for over 40 years and still talks as passionately about his sport now, as he did when he first picked up the axe. He’s won world title after world title, has been in the Australian team since 1979 and was Captain of the side for 21 years.

He has also been involved with Bankstown Sports Club for almost two decades, and for the last 3 years he has been doing a woodchopping demonstration inside the club on Easter Sunday. He says he really enjoys showcasing the sport he loves to families that are here to celebrate.

“I’m pretty sure Bankstown Sports is the only club in Australia that lets us actually chop inside. We do a bit of carving with a chainsaw and we do a bit of chopping and everybody loves it! We’re getting a pretty good crowd there now and the kids love it. The Easter Bunny turns up too!”

He will also be competing at the Easter Show again this year from Friday, 7 April. He will be chopping for a world title on the Saturday, another one on the Sunday, and then he’ll take part in a few veteran’s woodchops through the week. Australia then goes up against New Zealand and the US in the international competition.

Despite his age, he refuses to even entertain the thought of retiring, and believes he still has plenty more years left in him!

 “I’m not getting caught up in my age. Now I can represent my country in the veteran’s division as well which is 60 and over, so I can go for as long as the body holds up. I have noticed that you don’t wake up the same and there’s a few more aches and pains, but you just have to get up and keep moving. You’ve gotta have a reason to get up and move of a morning and woodchopping and grandkids, and life in general is keeping me young and active”.



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