20 Feb 2019 |

Here at Bankstown Sports, we’re committed to being the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly organisation that we can be, while still providing our members and guests with the highest quality facilities and services.

We take great care when selecting suppliers and external contractors to work with, believing that any company in business with us should also place a high value on the environment, health and safety. We intentionally source as many products as possible from local, well-known and trusted sources, to make sure we are complying with Australian benchmarks.

For example, we recently rolled out new uniforms at all of our venues, aiming for a more comfortable, modern and stream-lined look for all areas of our operations. We involved our employees throughout the design phase and selected the look that was favoured by the majority.

We chose to work with PVH, one of the largest apparel companies in the world, with a history dating back over 135 years. Keeping in line with the ethical and sustainable approach of Bankstown Sports, PVH is also committed to maintaining the highest moral, ethical and legal standards in their business, ensuring they remain up-to-date on relevant anti-corruption, social and environmental issues in the countries where they operate.

We then sourced a local provider that worked exclusively with us to provide these well-known, high quality brands for our staff.

We have taken a similar approach with our design and manufacturing companies who provide our furniture. Cult is an Australian-owned company that designs and supplies quality commercial and residential furniture. They are committed to providing high quality, durable products while also reducing waste going to landfill through recycling, reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, compliance with Ecolabelling Standard GECA and environmental legislation. 

Cult is Responsible Forestry Certified by SCS Global Services, and all of their products are manufactured locally.

Hub Furniture is based in Victoria and prides itself on championing top quality design with ethical and sustainable integrity. The company represents a growing range of GECA certified products from Lowe Furniture, MDF Italia and Moroso. A product with GECA certification promises to be environmentally sound, ethically produced, better for the environment and have a lower impact on human health.

Bankstown Sports will continue to look for the most sustainable options available in every area of our organisation, and will endeavour to ensure all basic moral and ethical standards are being met.



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