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New Playground Equipment For George Bass High School

By Kelly Sheehan | 5 Jun 2018 |

George Bass School opened in 2014 and is a purpose-built school with specialised facilities designed to support K-12 students. The School offers adjustments for all students on an individualized basis as all students have a primary intellectual disability, students may have secondary and multiple disabilities.

In the 2016 ClubGRANTS year, Bankstown Sports supported George Bass School with $20,000 to build a new playground, as a joint initiate with Revesby Workers Club.

The new play equipment was designed in conjunction with the school’s Parent and Citizens Association to ensure it would cater for a wide variety of needs and provide an area for students to further develop their fundamental movement and social skills. The new play equipment allows students to participate in fitness activities to fulfil their sensory needs and caters for different ages, interests and abilities in a safe manner.

The playground officially opened in May and is used during recess and lunch breaks and has also been timetabled into physical activity classes.

George Bass School Principle, Toula Finka, says that the students love the new play equipment and are grateful for Bankstown Sports Support.

“The kids’ reaction to the new playground has been really great, they love it! It’s been hard keeping them off the equipment when they are walking past it.”

“This equipment is more than we expected as it is catering for all age groups. Around 60 per cent of students get to utilise the playground and even the students who aren’t able to access the equipment due to physical disabilities can still enjoy it by grabbing the ropes. They really enjoy watching their peers on the climbing walls.”

“We would not be able to have this wonderful equipment without the support of Bankstown Sports. Because of the club’s generosity, we are able to provide great things for our students.”


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