19 Oct 2018 |

Bankstown Sports was filled with excitement and anticipation on Thursday 18 October as members arrived, eagerly hoping to be the lucky new owner of a BMW X1 sDrive18i.

Prior to the final draw night, we had secured 9 finalist positions over 9 weeks, and had a remaining three finalists spots to give away for the final night. Members began arriving from 4pm to swipe their membership cards for one last chance to share in the prizes on offer. 

All of our 9 lucky finalists arrived early to register their presence, which meant that the 3 remaining finalist spots would be drawn at 7PM, 7:30PM & 8PM.

The draw took place in the Rainforest Lounge, which was dressed in gold balloons, stage lights and plenty of smiling faces. There was even a smoke machine which emitted an alluring haze and attracted the attention of the crowds passing by. The atmosphere of the Rainforest lounge was a buzz, with everyone readily standing by, waiting to see if they would be taking up a place in the final draw. In the meantime, tickets kept dropping and the barrel kept spinning.

By 7PM, after 3 hours worth of ticket collecting, the barrel was filled with hundreds of tickets, one of which was finalist 10. W.Aung ticket was drawn out, and she quickly paced through the Rainforest Lounge in under 4 minutes to claim her place in the final box selection. After becoming a member at the age of 18 in 2012, she was our youngest finalist yet! Not owning a car, her and her parents were very thrilled at the prospect she could soon be the owner of a new BMW X1 sDrive18i.

Finalist 11 was called at 7.30PM. We were looking for A.Dimauro – who was so thrilled to be part of the draw! He said he only swiped his membership card once the whole promotion, being tonight - “one swipe is all it takes!”.

Lucky final finalist 12 was called at 8.00PM and we were looking for M.Kukeski. After 3 minutes of anxiously waiting, she emerged from the crowd in the Rainforest Lounge waving her arms, claiming the final position.

Then, we had our 12 lucky finalists. It was time to select numbers.

J.Labban was the first finalist to select her mystery briefcase, as she was the finalist winner from week 1 of the promotion. She selected briefcase number 8 and couldn’t wait to find out what was waiting for her inside!

Next T.Hai Pham, finalist from week 2 was next up. After throwing numbers written on a KENO ticket up in the air in order to select a number, he proudly chose briefcase number 9.

On went the remaining selections until all 12 briefcases were allocated to members. All finalists then took position on the main stage in the Rainforest Lounge, under the spot lights and behind their selected briefcases. At this point, you could feel the excitement building in the room as the smoke machines created an unforgettable atmosphere! Briefcases were then opened individually, in numerical order.

When the first briefcase was opened by M.Kukeski, she was thrilled to see would be taking home an extra $2,500 in prize money.

Briefcases 2,3, 4 & 5 were then opened, cash kept coming out!! Everyone was thrilled by their cash prize, but suspense filled the room as we waited to see what was in each briefcase. On went the openings, with anticipation from the over-looking crowd and anxious family and friends. Briefcase 6 held $2,000, going to K.Huynh. When T.Dang opened briefcase 7, she was overwhelmed with sheer joy, she had won the BMW X1 sDrive18i! Her daughter was with her in support – and leapt in the air with her arms straight up in excitement – so proud of her mother’s luck.

M.Saadeh was the final member to open the last golden briefcase, taking out the last cash prize but the highly anticipated highest denomination of $3,000. Last promotion briefcase 12 held the largest cash prize, so it was interesting that this time around the last briefcase was also the one of greatest cash value!

T.Dang said “My daughter and I are beyond excited to be winning a BMW tonight, Christmas came early for us! I don’t own a car, so I usually drive my daughter’s car. I am very excited to have my own shining brand new car now. I attend the club weekly and often eat at Peking Sq. Now I will be driving to Bankstown Sports in my BMW!”

Congratulations to all finalists – who were all prize winners in the Bankstown Sports ‘Mystery Briefcase’ Promotion.

We will be launching a new car promotion in the New Year, keep an eye out on BankstownSports.com and on the Bankstown Sports Facebook page for more information in the coming months.  


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