How to eat healthy at Bankstown Sports

By Emma Duxbury | 24 Aug 2016 |

When I joined the Bankstown Sports team in April this year, I had no idea what I was in for. I thought ‘Great! New job, new people, new environment. I’ll pack my lunches and take healthy snacks every day and I’ll definitely be able to stay fit and healthy”.

I was completely unaware and totally unprepared for the daily temptation I would be faced with.

I’m usually happy to admit I’ve been caught up in the clean-eating, everything-must-be-lean-and-green phase that Australia, and the world, seems to be in at the moment. I hit the gym every day and generally watch everything I eat. Yes – I’m one of THOSE people.

But my will power was forced to reach a whole new level when my new work colleagues took me on a culinary tour of the club, and opened my eyes to the delicious pizza, pasta, burgers, stir-fry’s and Spanish doughnuts that were on offer at every turn.

I sampled some of the incredible food and I loved every mouthful. But I soon realised, there were plenty of healthier options to choose from at quite a few of the restaurants, so I decided to make a list of leaner options for members and guests who might be watching what they eat.


* A lot of meals on a lot of our menus are healthy in themselves, but rich, creamy sauces increase the calorie count. If you want a lighter option, ask for the sauce or dressing on the side, and simply limit the amount you have. Alternatively, you can ask for no sauce at all.

* Substituting chips for extra salad is a great way to keep your lunch or dinner healthy. Our restaurants are more than happy to swap them out for you if you request it when you order.



STARTERS & SHARE PLATES – grilled Victorian baby squid
GOURMET SALADS – all salads (limit sauce/dressing)
USA BURGERS & RIBS – grilled chicken burger
CLASSIC PUB FAVOURITES – roast of the day (gravy on the side)
TASTE OF ASIA – beef and cashew nut stir-fry or chicken and wonton soup
FROM THE GRILL – anything on this menu is healthy (ask for salad or vegies instead of chips)
OCEAN FRESH SEAFOOD – anything on this menu is healthy if you have it grilled!


SALAD/SANDWICH BAR - the Café is one of the easiest and most convenient places to get a healthy meal in the club. There is a large salad and sandwich bar where the lovely staff will make your breakfast, lunch or dinner to order.

CREATIONS MENUmake sure you swap the chips for salad!
Grilled Tiger Prawn Skewers
Grilled Fillet of Tasmanian Salmon
Chicken Souvlaki
Caesar Salad (dressing on the side)


OYSTERS – the Naturale or Florentine options
TAPAS – Capesante Gratinate (scallops), Polipi alla Piastra (baby octopus), Spiedini di Agnello (lamb fillet skewers), Secchio di Gamberi Freschi (fresh tiger prawns)
SEAFOOD – Pesce Del Giorno (grilled), Misto alla Griglia (grilled), Gamberoni al Aglio (garlic king prawns)
FROM THE GRILL – everything on this menu is healthy, as long as it’s accompanied by salad or vegetables!
SALADS – Insalata Caprese, Rucola E Parmigiano, Insalata Mediterranea, Insalata Di Mario, Caesar Salad (dressing on the side)


I’ll admit – it’s going to be tough to stick to your guns and not give in to the delicious pizza and pasta dishes on offer here. BUT, there are still plenty of healthy options to choose from!

OYSTERS – Natural
SEAFOOD (without the chips!) – Fish of the day (grilled), BBQ seafood plate, Gamberoni alla Aglio
MEATS & CHICKEN – the Rib Eye and the T-bone steak are the best options here. The Pollo al Funghi is also an option, without the creamy mushroom sauce!
SIDES & SALADS – all salads on this menu are fine to eat! Just make sure with the Caesar and Chicken Caesar options, you limit the dressing.


SIDE DISHES - chopped cucumber with fresh garlic, Chinese broccoli

MAINS – (the healthiest way to eat at Lucky Cheng’s is to order a half portion of one of the noodle dishes, and to ask for green noodles instead of original)
Shallots & mushrooms
Asian greens
Vegetables & tofu
Teriyaki chicken
Combination seafood


ENTRÉE – any of the Sang Choy Bow or soup options
MAINS - boneless crispy skin chicken, braised beef with seasonal vegetables, steamed garlic prawns, braised king prawns
VEGETABLES & RICE – steamed mixed seasonal vegetables or stir-fried mixed seasonal vegetables, boiled rice.


TAPAS MENU – Sydney rock oysters (either option)
CHEF’S RECOMMENDATIONS – Roasted lamb shoulder
FROM THE GRILL – all steaks (ask for sauce on the side!)


You may have thought finding a healthy option in a chocolate café would be next to impossible, but I’m happy to say – there are a couple a sweet treats you can enjoy, almost guilt-free!

The chocolate strawberries or the chocolate protein balls are the perfect way to finish off a healthy meal inside the club, or to accompany an afternoon coffee with friends. If you want to indulge a little but you don’t want to go overboard, try the strawberry bowl with a dip-cup of melted chocolate.


We have a variety of sandwiches and wraps available at the Monkey Mania café if you’re looking for a healthy snack while the kids play. There is also a seasonal fresh fruit platter if you’re after something light and fresh!


I have tried a lot of the items listed above and they are all delicious. Just because something isn’t deep-fried or covered in sauce, doesn’t mean it won’t taste good! There are plenty of options at Bankstown Sports to suit all tastes… and all waistlines!



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