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Hospital Art Australia was established 17 years ago to provide art as therapy to hospitals and nursing homes across Australia. Based on the Central Coast, volunteers have supplied over 20,000 canvasses to 80 health care facilities around Australia at no cost to patients, so they can enjoy a colourful and relaxing activity.

In the 2017 ClubGRANTS year, Bankstown Sports provided over $3,000 in funding to ensure the longevity of Hospital Art Australia’s service in the Canterbury Bankstown region. Hospital Art Australia currently operates in 7 local aged care facilities, including Ern Vine Village Bankstown Aged Care, Abel Tasman Village, Allambie Village, Chester Hill Aged Care, Gillawarna Day Centre, Gillawarna Hostel and Gillawarna Nursing Home.

Hospital Art Australia has an impact on all patients and residents in a health care facility as the environment is brightened up with colourful artwork therefore bringing a sense of achievement to those who completed the artwork.
The Hospital Art Australia process:

1. Volunteers draw lined designs in black ink on Hospital Art Canvases with designs ranging from simple to complex to appeal to a range of interests and abilities.
2. Colour coded canvases, paints, easels and pot-holders are supplied to each participating facility. Over a period of weeks canvases are painted by the residents/patients and then sent back to Hospital Art Australia.
3. Following the return of each canvas to Hospital Art, any extra work is carried out. This typically includes a second coat of paint and final lining.
4. The completed paintings then go back to the facility and are hung where they can be viewed by the residents/patients who originally painted them.

Hospital Art Australia Treasurer, Chris Barber says Bankstown Sports support allows them to continue supplying pain and art equipment to aged care facilities in Bankstown.

“Bankstown Sports support means we can continue to supply colour coded canvases and paints and pay for postage of the equipment to aged care facilities. We believe that this activity and the final completed artwork will bring enjoyment and colour into the lives of the residents involved.”


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