Flying Fish Cove wines at the Brewhouse

By Emma Duxbury | 16 Mar 2017 |

Have you tried one of our Flying Fish Cove tap wines?

Not yet?

Well, you should…

Bankstown Sports Club has teamed up with Flying Fish Cove, to offer members and guests a new and unique wine experience. Available now – exclusive to Basement Brewhouse – are four top-selling wines, served fresh on tap.

Flying Fish tap wines provide the same high-quality standard as wine poured from the bottle, but every glass is fresh with a great colour, taste and texture every time.

Flying Fish Cove CEO, Brett House, says they recognised an opportunity to create something new within the wine industry.

“We set ourselves the challenge to be able to get what you would normally buy in a bottle and buy by the glass, into a tap format. We knew it would be a more flexible option for venues as they wouldn’t have anywhere near the same amount of wastage, but we had to make sure we had top quality, and we wanted to remove the ‘cheap and cheerful’ stigma associated with tap wine here in Australia”.

“If you go through Europe and the US and a lot of the UK, you will get a lot of wines on tap that are actually premium top-end at the moment. There are some brilliant dispensing arrangements around the place to get your wine by the glass, on tap, without any deterioration of quality”.

Tap wines are also a lot more cost efficient for our members and guests as they’re served by the glass, rather than by the bottle. When asked what they were aiming for with their finished tap wine product, Brett says they wanted to create an ‘approachable’ drink, that Basement Brewhouse patrons would really enjoy.

“At Flying Fish Cove, when we put a wine in the bottle, we want it to be something everyone can drink. We want our wines to be ‘jump out of the glass’ flavours when you pour them. They’re rich and vibrant on the palate, especially with our aromatic whites”.

Basement Brewhouse is the first and only venue stocking Flying Fish Cove on tap. Come in a try a glass today!

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