28 Mar 2019 |

When is the last time you’ve been to a club? What did you think?

I’ll be honest… I’ve always been a bit turned off by clubs.

Lots of old people sipping coffee and playing bingo. Carpet and wallpaper from the 70s, strict dress regulations and not knowing whether you had to be a member or not. It was all a bit stuffy for me.

But I recently attended a family lunch at Bankstown Sports, and I’ll admit – my whole perception of clubs has now changed.

Firstly, parking was a breeze. The undercover carpark was signposted and easy to navigate with lifts straight to the club.

My companions and I headed up to the foyer and I was blown away by the enormous space and inviting entrance, with a casual seating area and modern décor. The staff were polite and welcoming, and helped my companions and I to sign in, before pointing me in the direction of the restaurant I needed.

I asked whether I needed to become a member to enter, but because I live within 5km of the club, I was told that I had the option of signing up, being signed in by another member (which we did), or using a membership card from any other local club. After hearing about all of the benefits, I decided that it would be worthwhile for me to join. I loved the digital membership which meant that I wouldn’t receive any printed mail from the club, just electronic communications. What a fantastic way to help our environment! I was really surprised by the great benefits you get if you are a member as well; New Year Reward points, Birthday Reward points, and entry into five other clubs!

I walked up the stairs and was surprised by the casual dress worn by other patrons. In a good way – not a bad way! I honestly thought the dress regulations at clubs still stipulated your Sunday best with all the trimmings. Don’t get me wrong – everyone was dressed neatly and their attire was clean, but they were comfortable and casual, and all looked like they were having a really nice time. Gone are the days of no hats, no thongs and men having to wear a collared shirt. It was great!

As I walked through the venue – staring at the enormous rainforest and the fish pond – everything seemed so inviting. If staff walked by and caught your eye, they said hello. All of the restaurants were decked out in the most incredible themes and nothing seemed old or dated. There were people of all ages enjoying themselves; from young couples, to families and older patrons, all eating and laughing and making memories.

My companions and I found La Piazza and we had a fantastic lunch. I can’t wait to bring my friends back here to show them what a great club it is!



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