20 Feb 2019 |

Imagine this… you’ve just finished another hectic day at work and you’re sitting in your car on your way home to see your family. The guy behind you doesn’t realise the traffic is slowing down and he slams straight into you. Instantly, you feel a searing pain in your neck.

The next day, you can hardly move. How are you going to get to work? Will you be able to do your job? How will you look after the kids? You need treatment, but trying to coordinate multiple bookings at different practitioners can be difficult. That’s where Colab Physio can help.

Founded in early 2018 by qualified physiotherapists Steven Jackson and Aldrin Ocsing, Colab Physio is a collective of healthcare practitioners who felt there was a need to change the way people were treated for injuries, and everyday aches and pains.

“I guess, in a way, we felt the traditional process of treating a patient was flawed. It was very numbers-based where people walked in and would be plonked on a treatment table while their practitioner worked on two or three people at a time, and everyone received the same treatment – regardless of their needs” says Steve.

Colab Physio is different because it’s a completely one-on-one experience with experts who go the extra mile to provide their patients with the most comprehensive care possible.

“From the moment our patients walk into the treatment room to the time they leave, they have our undivided attention. We do an assessment to determine what the patient needs and we look at their capabilities, before creating a collaborative rehabilitation plan involving whatever services they require, whether it be physio, chiro, massage or exercise physiology”.


Steve has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and specialises in dry needling, manipulative therapy, massage and rehabilitation. He has worked with some of Australia’s top athletes and worked as a physio for competitors at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Aldrin is an avid fitness enthusiast, coach and physiotherapist who has extensive experience working with a range of athletes. He has a vested interest in Crossfit and weight lifting and has treated athletes from gymnastics, hockey, cricket, rugby, soccer and athletics backgrounds.

Chris is a physiotherapist with a strong passion for optimising movement in his clients, using his knowledge of sports and health, along with his past experience, he helps his clients to be the best version of themselves.

Bader employs a range of treatment techniques including spinal manipulation, massage and dry-needling, and believes a hands-on chiropractic approach is best. His focus is on injury prevention through movement optimisation, with a thorough approach to strength and conditioning.


Until 31 May 2019, Bankstown Sports members who book an appointment for either physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage therapy at Colab Physio will receive 30 per cent off their first consult fee. Simply show your Bankstown Sports Club membership card at the appointment to redeem the offer.

Colab Physio is located inside UFC Gym Bankstown, Level 1 – Flinders Centre Bankstown.

To make an appointment, call 9709 4444 or visit colabphysio.com.au



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