Bankstown Sports staff support the Million Paws Walk!

By Emma Duxbury | 16 May 2016 |


The staff at Bankstown Sports Club are always keen to give back to the community, whether it be a local cause or something a little bigger, they’re always putting their hands up to help.

We also have a lot of animal lovers in our ranks, and the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk is something very close to our hearts. Our employees have supported this very worthy cause for the past two years, and wanted to do more to help this year!

8 staff members and a few animal-loving buddies met at Sydney Olympic Park yesterday morning and set off on the 4km journey around Homebush, accompanied by their fury friends! They enjoyed some beautiful Sydney weather and some of the puppies even went for a swim!

All up, the Bankstown Sports group managed to raise $671.21 for the charity, with the event generating $236,861.08 nationally.

Bankstown Sports Club Million Paws Walkers:

  • Michael Garbellini and Saskia Largent with their fur baby, Sherman

  • Jenny Fitzgerald and her black Labrador, Jack

  • Sunni Daniele and Summer (who wore matching Canadian hockey shirts)

  • Rebecca Wulf and Henry

  • Laura Koliopoulos and Giselle

  • Mitchel Ryan and Chelsea

  • Rochelle Chilcott (loves dogs)

 Congratulations to everyone involved in this very worthwhile event!