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The Clubs and Community Awards is an annual event held by ClubsNSW to recognise the outstanding social contributions made by clubs within their local communities. The event is a unique platform that provides an opportunity for clubs and partners to share their stories of profound community involvement and altruism by submitting stories that convey the core community values of 9 specific award categories.

Bankstown Sports is proud to announce that we are finalists in four award categories.

The Disability, Welfare and Social Inclusion Award category recognises outstanding dedication to working with community organisations or disadvantaged groups.

Bankstown Sports AFL Club was established in 1973 and was forced into recess five years ago when a re-zoning decision moved the club into the Western Sydney district. As a result, many long- term partnerships were lost and players began transferring out of the area. Consequently, the club was forced to disband. Soon after, AFL NSW/ACT sat down with Bankstown Sports CEO, Mark Condi, to discuss a potential revamp of the AFL club, with a focus on embracing the many cultures in the Canterbury-Bankstown area. In 2015, with a cash injection from Bankstown Sports Club, a dedicated team of volunteers was formed, and the AFL Club was resurrected, as the Bankstown Sports BullSharks AFL Club.

The support of Bankstown Sports has seen the reinstated Bankstown Sports BullSharks grow from one team in its infancy, to eight teams at present, with strong women’s youth and Auskick programs. There are currently 90 registered players, of which 45 per cent are female.

The inclusive approach of AFL NSW/ACT and the Bankstown Sports Bankstown Sports BullSharks AFL Club has introduced a new demographic to the sport in the area.

Bankstown Sports is extremely proud of the progress the Bankstown Sports BullSharks have made since the club’s reinstatement and we look forward to working with them in the future.

The Support of Amateur Sport Award category identifies encouragement of amateur sport by a club through the provision of facilities, training programs, financial support and/or the contribution of club staff to assist sporting groups.

In 2016, the Governance and Operations Accreditation Level (GOAL) Project was launched by Bankstown Sports, in conjunction initially with consultants Crowe Horwath.

Bankstown Sports developed an operating model and matrix to set benchmarks for our associated sporting clubs based on five key operating areas, which were identified as:
1. Finance Management and Governance
2. Communication, Information Management and Community Engagement
3. Equipment and Facilities Management
4. Player, Volunteer Management and Codes of Behaviour
5. Health & Safety and Risk Management

In 2016, the first G.O.A.L. survey was completed to measure associated sporting club’s current status across these five key areas. In 2018, the second iteration of the GOAL survey was administered with thirty-three clubs participating. Sporting Clubs were asked to respond to over 100 questions focusing on the key areas and based on these results, were given an accreditation level from 1-5. This score was then converted to a star rating with recommendations given to clubs as to how they could improve their governance and operations in key areas.

Encouragingly, the 2018 results showed improvement across all five key areas of governance and operations. Of the 33 associated sporting clubs, 24 had improved on their results from 18 months earlier with the overall average star rating jumping from 2.9 out of 5 in 2016 to 3.1 out of 5 in 2018.

These improvements in the management and governance of our associated sporting clubs are having a widespread effect on the local community, as shown through better relationships with sporting governing bodies, local councils and other community organisations. As a result, many of our clubs have enjoyed an increase in membership and event participation. We aspire for our associated sporting clubs to be viewed as the clubs of choice in their local communities and competitions.

The GOAL project is a way to protect and enhance the legacy of Bankstown Sports’ associated sporting clubs for the enjoyment of future generations, providing multiple avenues for future long-term goals to grow education, training and support for our sporting clubs.

The Emergency Services Award category recognises leadership and resourcefulness of clubs in times of community need.

Over the years, Bankstown Sports has developed strong ties with the Bankstown Police Area Command (PAC) and is committed to assisting in any way possible.

Bankstown Sports believes this ongoing partnership with Bankstown Police is an integral service to the community and embodies our vision of “Making a difference for our community”.

Bankstown Sports is also a finalist for the Heart of the Community Award category which acknowledges individuals and groups who are ‘unsung heroes’ in clubs or in the broader community.

The Clubs and Community Awards will take place on Saturday 13 October at ICC Sydney.

For more information on the Clubs and Community Awards, head to: https://www.clubsandcommunity.com/categories.html


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