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Conditions, Privacy, Data Use, Consent and Authority


If your application for funding is successful you will be required to:

  1. Ensure that your organisation does not accept funding or the equivalent in-kind support for the same project from any other source unless joint funding is required for the implementation of the project AND you have informed all funders of all sources of funding for this project.
  2. Make an appropriate level of acknowledgement of the funding source for the project.
  3. Provide progress reports in the form and according to the timelines described in the Offer of Funding (including a Statutory Declaration for projects receiving funding or the equivalent in-kind support valued at over $5,000).
  4. Complete a Standard Funding Report Form at the end of the project in the form and according to the timelines described in the Offer of Funding (including a Statutory Declaration for grants or in-kind support valued at over $5,000).
  5. Enter into a formal contract with the sponsoring Club where an individual grant for ClubGRANTS funding or equivalent in-kind support exceeds $10,000.
  6. Regularly communicate with the funding Club/s and ClubGRANTS Local Convenor regarding the progress of your project, including facilitating any on-site visits that may be requested in order to further the funder’s understanding of the project.
  7. Abide by any other conditions that may be placed on the funding of the project (including but not limited to collaboration with other relevant local projects or activities), as stipulated in the Offer of Funding.

Although care is taken to ensure that the information regarding the ClubGRANTS scheme is correct at any given stage of the ClubGRANTS process, the granting organisation cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information provided.


This privacy statement is a requirement of section 10 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).

Some of the information in this application is personal information. This information is required to assess your application for grant funding from registered clubs and to communicate with you about this application and any resulting funding. The information will be used by the ClubGRANTS Local Committee to which you are applying and ClubsNSW staff, and may also be shared with trusted contractors or consultants appointed by them for a particular task, or by persons or entities who may have a legal entitlement to such information or when so directed by a court order.


The Applicant:  

  • Declares that the information provided in this application form is true and correct.
  • Undertakes to notify the subject ClubGRANTS Committee of any changes to this information and any circumstances that may affect this application.
  • Acknowledges that this is an application only and may not necessarily result in funding approval.
  • Acknowledges and consents to the Funding Conditions, Privacy Statement and Data Use provisions described above.
  • Declares that he/she is authorised by the applicant organisation to submit this application and agree to the terms and conditions described above.


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